asl - age / sex / location

bc - because

btw - by the way

copula - word that links subject and predicate basically the verb ‘to be’ ex. ‘is’

cmc/edc - computer-mediated communication / electronically-mediated communication

deixis - words that cant be understood w/o additional context (pronouns- me/her, distance - here/there, time - now/later, proximity - near/far) semantic meaning is constant but denotational is dependant on time/place

descriptivism - the recording of how language is actually used, rather than trying to define constraints

diphthong - two vowel sounds merged ‘coin’ ‘loud’

discourse particles - words that convey the tone of a statement

fml - fuck my life

gig - a filler word usually meaning thing or job

glide - aka a semivowel ‘yes’ ‘west’

hmu - hit me up

iconicity - the relationship between a symbol’s form and meaning

idc - i dont care

idk - i dont know

ik - i know

illocutionary force - the intention of a speaker

imo - in my opinion

indexicality - a sign pointing to an object in its context

jk - just kidding

kms - kill myself

lmao - laugh my ass off

lmk - let me know

lol - laugh out loud

nucleus - middle of word or syllable

nm - not much

nvm - nevermind

og - original / original gangster

omg - oh my god

onset - consonant at the beginning of a syllable

p - pretty but only lk the adverb version

polysemous - word that can have multiple meanings

prescriptivism - the effort to lay down specific rules pertaining to grammar n linguistics, often associated w a condescension towards descriptivism

rhyme - aka rime part of a syllable nucleus plus optional coda ‘at’ in ‘flat’ and ‘sat’

rp - roleplaying, a subculture of the web where ppl interact thru imagined characters

smh - shake my head

stops - verbal stop ‘uh oh’

tbd - to be decided

tbh - to be honest

tmi - too much information

ty - thank you

v - very